First Look : Alice In Wonderland Trailer

Sunday, July 26, 2009


OMG..I'm speechless for a few seconds..I was astounded by Tim Burton’s latest installment!! I’m freaking hell excited for the upcoming movie..Oh my Johnny Depp..You looked wickedly awesome as The Mad Hatter. I just can't think of anyone better for the Mad Hatter role. I’m being bias after all. xD ^-^

The teaser trailer looked awesome and as I wrote before, I have a hunch that this movie is going to be mind-blowing. Even so, I’ve read some people are quite disappointed with the first trailer as it might not be what it should or could have been. Some said the CGI is poor and all stuffs that underrate Tim Burton’s latest film. LOL. What else do they expect exactly? I don’t know but to question Tim Burton who has been so far brilliant at all his films seems to be quite dim. Still I couldn’t say more of it since I haven’t watch the film yet. Only time will tell. =]

P/s: I’m excited to see Anne Hathaway as well. (“,)

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NURUL AiN iBRAHiM said...

can't wait!!!
n jonny depp!! woot2!

whibley said...

YEAH...JOHNNY DEPP..!! x sabar oo..xD

LazyKing said...

Cant wait. The trailer is amazing.
Speaking of Johnny Depp, did you see Public Ennemies. He played it VERY well. He deserve at least a nomination for that.

chris said...

this movie is going to be a box office hit when it comes out. Tim Burton is probably the best pick to direct the Alice in Wonderland remake.

jiggins said...

I. AM. SO. STOKED. FOR THIS. I love everything about it. It excites me a lil bit that Disney is going for even more creative and magical kind of endeavors!

Splitting Tens

whibley said...

@LAzyKing: yeah..can't wait for the movie..well i haven't see Public Enemies yet..planning to watch it this weekend..kinda late aite..but i'm quite busy..

@chris: yeah..agree with u..Tim Burton is the best choice to direct the movie..hope it's going to be good..

whibley said...

see..everyone's excited for the movie..i wonder why some people hate it in the first place..the movie isn't out yet,..haha
yeah..Disney has expand their creativity..

Loma said...

Love, love Johnny Depp, ad i also love your blog. I would love to add one another as followers. Just let me know OR add me and I wi then add you! Just our trying to network with other creative souls.

TC said...

Burton and Depp are always a great team. It should be a real trippy ride. A bit like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas only more Burtonish. How's it going Whibley?

whibley said...

@Loma: thanks Loma..

@TC: yeah..they're definitely a great team..well I'm not doing fine right now due to the flu..thanks for asking..