how well your parents are affecting your decision?

Friday, July 3, 2009

Okay. Here’s the thing. My younger brother is going to GMI College next week. As usual, going to new college you’ll buy new stuffs, new shirts and etc. So my brother was eyeing to this one particular shirt and he asked my mom if he could buy it. My mom said not to buy it yet, wait until she sees it. So my brother went straight back home and he said he really likes that shirt but he thinks my parents will not like it. The next day, he took my mom to the mall and went to look over the shirt and my mom said she doesn’t like it. My brother was slightly disappointed but he agreed to my mom’s decision. He did not buy the shirt but he scored another three shirts. The shirt which he has been eyeing before has visible polka dots (based on what my mom said). He wanted to wear it during the registration day and reason being why my mom doesn’t like it because she thinks it’s not appropriate to wear shirt with visible polka dots on it. You know she wants my brother to look all clean and smart during the registration day, tuck in plain shirt with straight cut trouser (not carrot cut). Whatever, my point is my mom’s here plays an important role affecting her kids’ decisions. How well your parents are affecting your decision? As for me, I think it is like 90%. I always like to go shopping with my mom because she’s like the best shopping buddy I’ve ever had. She’ll says straight if she doesn’t like my dress, shoes or whatever and vice versa. She is very honest unlike my friends because friends still have to care about your feelings. They will not tell you how sucks you look in your shirt for real but they’ll give you hints. Sometimes they will not tell you anything because they think it’s your money after all so they don’t bother to tell you at all. You like it; it’s your money so they’ll just zip their mouth. My parents play an important role affecting my decision basically in just everything. If I went to buy something like blouse or shoes etc on my own I will usually end up not liking it if my parents do not like it. I’ve bought this pair of sneakers and I actually like it when I tried it in the mall. However when I went back to my home, my dad said my sneakers looked like the one vegetable’s seller wears everyday. When I look back at it, it is somehow true so I do not really like that sneakers ever since. But I still wear it though but not occasionally. Another one is when I was in between whether to stay in my matriculation (I had to compete with other students to get my course in local universities after a year of studying) or to go to a foundation centre where I need to finish 1 and a half years of studying but no need to worry about competing to get the course (it’s a specific matriculation like engineering, medicine and etc). I was not excited to go for the latter because I have been studying in the matriculation for about a month. I have already got along with all my friends and I was not ready for a change. My parents said a lot about the foundation which then affecting my decision to go take the foundation. At first I did not like the idea of me going to the foundation centre until now. I must say I’m really lucky to get my dream course in doing my degree. If I wasn’t following what my parents said 4 years ago I would probably end up getting another course just like my friends who were at the same matriculation. Not all of them got what they wanted because some of them got just any course that’s not suitable for them. One of my friends wanted to do medicine but ended up with nuclear course. I’m saying that my parents were true and it’s good that they’re affecting my decision. I guess most of parents out there usually good in affecting their kids’ decision. After all, it is for our own good. My cousin once got a better offer to work at a giant private company after she worked for government for like 6 months. She wanted to go but her dad did not agree to her decision. He said why risking your life working at a big company where you do not have guarantee that you will be there forever. The payment may be big but you will have lots of work to do and if you do not work hard enough, you will be easily got fired. She did not go but I’ve got to say she’s now happily working for her now company. She might not be getting the big payment but she got lots of good things. When she delivered her first baby, she did not need to pay for her expenses and many other good things happened. In my opinion sometimes it is good to have our parents affecting our decision because they usually know more than we always do. But sometimes it’s not good. Let us say if you wanted to do accounting in your degree but your parents asking you to do medicine. If you go without any interest in doing medicine, I bet you’ll end up horribly in your studies. However if you work hard and try not to flunk in your test you’ll soon thank your parents for dragging you into medicine. The bottom line is always be wise. If you think you should follow your parents then do it. If not, do not push yourself to agree with everything you parents have to say. You have the rights to tell them what your interest is. Well it is the only time where they could tell you about what to wear, what to do and the list goes on. When you’re already get married or have your own money they will stop commenting about everything. xoxo =]

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RafaRR said...

Great blog. I think parents guidance is important but you should always analyse what youa are doing to see if that´s what you really want or what your parents imposed on you.

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whibley said...

yeah..100% agree with you is nice to have parents choosing what's good and bad for us but sometimes we still have to follow our instinct. =]