Buzzer Beat

Sunday, July 26, 2009

It has been a week since my last post and I'm really sorry for not being able to update my blog. Lots of things happened recently. I had problem with my internet connection so I don't bother to update my blog. Huhu..Besides I'm on the verge of having a hectic life. You know work has been multiplied by the dozens(Lab+ Workshop reports,assignments and quizzes). -_-
I guess I’m not going to update my blog regularly.

I’ve finished watching Atashinci no Danshi and Mr. Brain. Both are very great dramas. I love the family in Atashinci no Danshi and I really love Takuya’s character in Mr. Brain.

Currently I’m watching Buzzer Beat.

I’ve been waiting for this drama since Yamapi’s in it. I adore him but not to the point that I like everything’s about him. I like his face, style, acting but I don’t really favor his music. He’s good in singing and dancing but his music genre isn’t my cup of tea. Even so, the music is great.

Talking about Buzzer Beat, I don’t really like Yamapi’s hair in it. I wish I could’ve at least pinned his hair. I don’t know why but I don’t like that kind of hairstyle. Anyway it doesn’t suit Pi at all. I don’t like Aibu Saki (Natsuki) in this drama.
Well obviously I’m in the ship for Yamaki (Yamapi + Maki) not Yamapi+Aibu even I’m slightly lean towards Muaki (Mukai + Maki). xD
At first I thought it was very sweet to see them as a couple but then changed my mind when I know Natsuki’s character.
It seems that Natsuki is like a bad woman who doesn’t really show her evil side but to portray an angelic side. It’s too bad for Naoki because he does care for her. Maybe I’m being biased since I’m a devoted Yamaki’s fan so any other woman paired with Pi is like disgust to me. But the truth is I’ve never liked a woman like Natsuki, someone who acts like an angel but actually has a very bad attitude. In her case, it might be because people around her get the wrong idea about her being kind whereas she wanted to tell people how she’s far from being angel but she doesn’t have a heart to disappoint people around her. Well it’s just my opinion xD. Haha. I could be wrong..

I like seeing Pi playing basketball since it’s one of my favorite sports(after Football) so
I’m keen to see the next episodes. Oh not to forgot that I really wanted to see Naoki with Shirakawa rather than seeing Pi brokenhearted by Natsuki. =] Yeah I was smiling at the end of the episode when Shirakawa praised Pi. xD xD

P/s: I’m waiting for Tackey and Ryo’s new drama: Orthros no irnu.

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