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Friday, July 17, 2009

Life Quotes
Life Quotes

I’m home again. I just got back from college. On my way home I decided to stop at KLCC and went to watch “Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince”. I’ll make my review after this. I have lots to write in here basically about my life.

~First is about my class. My last class supposed to be finished at 5 today but I asked my lecturer to let me out early. He asked me the reason and I just said I have an appointment. Technically I wasn’t lying because I do have an appointment with my friends but only to watch Harry Potter. I’m sorry Dr. R! I’m not supposed to do so but I had to. Besides I’m quite mad at him (Still it’s not a solid reason for me to do so). He’s being unfair for being too kind to shift our class time. There are six 2nd year students who happened to be in our class. These guys had problem with their schedule because they have a clash in their timetable. Hence they are asking the lecturer to shift the time for them. It’s totally unfair because they should really drop the other subject in order to take this particular subject. My friends and I had the same problem in our previous semester and we actually dropped the subject. We did not beg the lecturer to shift the time for us because it’s totally unfair for other students. It’s our problem so we should find an alternative to solve it without troubling others. My lecturer is kind enough to agree with them and the rest of us are going to have problems soon. I wonder why it is so hard for them to drop the other subject. If you’re keen enough to take this particular subject, you should really drop the other subject. Maybe they’re just too young to understand this simple thing. LOL xD

~Next I just wanted to say it feels good to be home because I don’t have to deal with troubles for a while. There are several things happened to me at college and it makes me feel bad about myself. You know in college we can choose our own roommates and I don’t like this practice since I like to have other people as my roommates. It’s good to have your dearest friends to be your roommates but I just can’t deal with it. It’s as if you’re seeing the same person every single day and you have to do every single thing with them too. It’s far more than enough to meet during classes’ time only. Besides I need some privacy, some time to be alone and etc. Therefore I don’t give a shit to choose roommates. However last semester there’s this one group of my friends asked me to be their roommates and to avoid any misunderstanding I lied to them saying I already chose my roommates. I think I wasn’t really lying at that time. Okay. The conversation goes like this:

Friends: hey have you choose roommates yet?
Me : hurmm..Uh-huh.
Friends: Oh really? We don’t have enough members here so we wanted to ask you if you want to share compartment with *ABC. If you say so, it’s okay then.

See? I didn’t exactly utter the word but they managed to get my point. I thought that was the end of it and to my surprise this semester I’m their roommates. How odd is that? Yet *ABC isn’t even in our room because they have to cut her out since they couldn’t find her partner. At least that’s what I think. I don’t know but I felt very bad. It was really awkward for me to deal with them especially *ABC. I’m guilt-ridden. In the first place I should have told them the true reason why I don’t want to choose roommates. It’s better that way as I won’t feel remorseful like this.
Lesson: Don’t lie no matter what. Tells the truth no matter how awkward the situation might be.

I just wanted to highlights few things that I HATE currently.

I HATE my tiny zits - thanks to the new facial wash =[
I HATE to deal with mosquitoes - only in college for this semester.
I HATE that I miss some people so much that it hurts – wish to be with them.
I HATE to act strong and be strong - I don’t really tell people that I’m stressful
I HATE to be guilt-ridden - learning to eradicate the feelings
I HATE it that I never stop whining.

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The Guy's Perspective said...

I totally agree with your sentiments about people asking to change times just to benefit themselves. One of my huge pet peeves!! I think THE GUYS are going to talk about these "line cutters" in our next Hot or Not? series on Wednesday. Thanks for reminding me. Or maybe, no thanks for reminding me because now I want to go step on some flowers or something. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Bring Back Pluto
"One of THE GUYS"
Hope you'll visit.

whibley said...

thanks dude..Yeah..I was mad at them..It's not fair..=[
yeah..I'll go check the blog okay..love the Hot or Not?..

Emma said...

who's *ABC?

whibley said...

ade la hunn..i'll tell u later k..=]

Emma said...

na taw