New semester has begun

Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm not feeling very well tonight. I'm neither sick nor brokenhearted. It's just I'm feeling very lazy because my classes will begin tomorrow. My new semester has started and it doesn't seem to be very interesting. Haha. I wish I could still stay at home and enjoying my holidays but I have no choice. I still have to go and finish my studies. If I'm not studying, what shall I be doing by now?

I have only 3 choices; Get married, Get a job, and just sit around doing nothing.

These 3 choices aren't very exciting for me.
First thing first I think I’m still young to get married and I don’t even find anybody who seems to fit my description of being a good husband or my Mr. Right. But hey if Alex Turner or Fabregas proposes to me, I’ll definitely say “I do” in a second. Keep dreaming! =p

Next choice is to get myself a job. Oh wait it sounds exciting but still I don’t want to work without any qualification or any knowledge. I have to at least get my degree and then pursuing for Master and if things work well, I want PhD too. Dreaming again huh? But this one is okay as we need to start dreaming first before we achieve something big right.

Honestly I think third choice is okay since I’m actually good at spending a lot of time doing absolutely nothing. I’m a master at that. However studying is still my priority so I guess I can sharpen my skills of doing absolutely nothing when it’s holiday time.

The bottom line is I still have to complete my degree. I’m not going to my classes tomorrow because I don’t feel like going. No worries because usually first day of classes are just for introduction. I’ll go the next day. I’m taking core courses only for this semester and it’s going to be tough. I guess I’ll be very busy for the next few weeks and months. As usual, I have high expectation for my grades so I’m hoping to work my ass to achieve good grades. And I’m hoping there will be no unnecessary things to keep me astray. And please ugly feelings go away and find other people. =]

3 response(s):

Anonymous said...

good luck..

Emma said...

farah, u can do it!
gud luck!

nak hang out together!!!!!!!

whibley said...

Thanks for both of u..yeah..emma..nnt kite hangout together k..