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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

well these are not my pictures and I don't even know to whom should I credit..I got these from my friend via email. Just wanted to share it in here..It's very nice to see something made from A4 paper just like that..Whoever did this must be very talented. I'm sorry I'm too lazy to google for it. If anyone has info on it,just tell me. I'll go search for it..

Edited: Thanks to LazyKing for the info. Now I know who is the talented person. He's Peter Callesen, born 1967 in Denmark. To know more about the person who has gifted talented hands, just simply go to this site:

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Anonymous said...

No idea who deserves the credit, but they are fab ... Ooooo and great song on your profile!! I LOVE p!nk (shhh, I am banned from saying that!)

whibley said...

yeah..arent they fab? hehe..
why you're banned from saying it? ehhe..I love her too..=]

Emma said...

chumel nyer!
teror gile owg yg wat nie kan.
klu kite yang wt, sure jadi cam sampah jerk
takkan jadi nyer!

whibley said...

2r sal..ak nk uat aeroplane dr kertas pn xbpe jd..lg nk uat cmni..hahaha..terer la org tu..cun

jiggins said...

those are pretty cool.

whibley said...

yeah..its cool and pretty..=]

LazyKing said...

It's by Peter Callesen.
You can visit petercallesen.com to for of his work

Anonymous said...

It looks like I will be able to talk about her soon - I had been banned from mentioning her but wrote a post to say that I would if I got 100 followers by Aug 1st - It's getting scarily close. Sadly I made some other less easy promises too!!

whibley said...

@LazyKing: wow..you're good to find about such info..Thanks..I'll go search for him..

@Eternally Distracted: You're funny to make such promises..=]..but it's good since you're going to get 100 followers.=]