A mistake..=]

Friday, July 3, 2009

There was a mistake in my yesterday’s post. I wrote not occasionally whereas what I meant was occasionally. I was going for not always but then changed my mind to put occasionally but forgot to cancel the not part. I am so sorry for the misunderstanding. Last night I did not check it before posting it. It was my bad. I’m a normal human being after all, I make mistakes. Hee.. I wish there’s a machine that could change my thoughts into writings so it will be easier. No more mistakes, no more forgetting about what I have to say and etc. haaha..

For today, I am supposed to go out with my friends but I cancelled on them. I’m really sorry guys. I have to. I don’t have transport and I’m too lazy to take public transport. Sorry guys. I think this is another issue. All of us have experienced this kind of thing. Not the “I don’t have transport” thing but the date is cancelled thing. If you want to cancel on somebody you better have a good reason or you should cancel it earlier (a week, a day before). Do not cancel on them like an hour before because it’s kind of rude you know. My friend once eagerly asked me to hangout with her and at that time I was quite tired but still I said it’s okay. I haven’t met her for quite a long time so I went to the mall. While I was on my way to the mall, she called me and told me that she couldn’t come because she had family problems. I was in rage because I almost arrived to the mall. She was the one who eagerly invited me and then she said she had some sort of family problems. Kidding me. If it was not because she is my friend I would curse her straight to the face. Yeah. I never had a boyfriend who ever cancel on my date. Lucky me. I guess she had to cancel on me. I was quite upset because it was like few minutes before I arrived. Instead of going to the mall, I went straight back home and I was laughed by my mom and brothers. You know I was all dressed up and I went back early. My brother teased me of how fast was my meeting. As far as I’m concerned, I have never cancel on any date like few minutes or an hour before. But if I do, forgive me because I was not aware of that. It’s better for you to come late rather than not showing up at all. Some of my friend’s boyfriends always cancel on their date. It was funny somehow because their reasons could be just anything and it’s lame. There are like family problems, stomachache, car broke down and etc. If you know you could not come earlier why bother yourself to agree on a date? You need to come out with a reason later and that’s how the stupid reasons came out. Okay so please if you know you could not make it just politely say no and try not to cancel the date an hour before or even an hour after. Haha

2 response(s):

LazyKing said...

Thanks for the advice.
I was going to cancel on my friends for tonight party but you just made me chnage my mind.

whibley said...

yeah..not a big deal..well it's good that u changed your mind..=]