"Jennifer's Body" trailer

Saturday, July 11, 2009

So? What do you say about the trailer? It looks good and I'm going to watch it even though I don't really fancy Megan Fox. Don't get me wrong! She's very pretty (a bit jealous! =p) but her acting isn't really as pretty as her face. I bet lots of people (I mean Guys) will go and watch this movie when it hits theater soon. It opens in theaters on September 18. Who wouldn't want to watch Megan Fox right? Yeah, you know despite being a demon-possessed man-eater, all the boys still love Megan Fox. =p The film co-stars are Amanda Seyfried (Mamma Mia), Johnny Simmons, Adam Brody (The O.C) and J.K. Simmons. Whoo-hoo!! This is what excites me. I'll go and watch the movie. I'm positive about it. Adam Brody is the first reason why I should go and watch the film. I love him so much in The O.C series and I still love him. He plays Nikolai Wolf in this film and I don't even know whether he's protagonist or antagonist and I don't even care! But I can see from the trailer, he looks real cool. I just want to see him in the big screen again. Frankly I don't have high expectation for this movie. The trailer looks good but there are lots of movies were not as good as the trailers. Sometimes it's just a tactic to get people into the theaters. Isn't it? Plus it's a horror movie. I have few thoughts about horror movies. You know when it comes to horror; usually it's quite the same for every movie-it's skeptical. Sometimes the scene isn't very logical, sometimes the effects are too much in a way that's not frightening at all, sometimes there's unnecessary scene and etc. However I might be wrong for this one because the film is written by an Oscar winner, Diablo Cody (Juno). Just wait and see whether it's going to be good or not so good. =]

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jiggins said...

I DO think Megan Fox is pretty sexy.. but that movie just kooks dumb. I dunno. You tell me what you think when you have seen it!

Splitting Tens

LazyKing said...

this trailer is HOT!! Nowadays horror movies are shiteous but this one might be good because of Diablo Cody.

whibley said...

Yes..She's hell of a sexy woman.

@Jiggins : I'll tell you about the movie when I see it okay

@LazyKing : I agree with you. Its hard to find good horror movies.

David said...

cool blog. i wrote a post in answer to your question - http://loversyahoo.blogspot.com/2009/07/does-he-love-me.html

i hope it helps. if you need a more direct answer specifically for you, i would say that he likes you and if you like him, you need to accept his advances like calling you "honey" - your response is what he is using to determine your feelings. have a nice day and good luck :)

Jeremy said...

shes really sexy and pretty..

whibley said...

Yeah..but The movie was a TOTAL CRAP.trust me..watched it n it wasn't worth a dime..=[