Extend or shorten your life?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I have read in a magazine about choices of how long we live. I’m actually interested with the facts. It is somehow true that everything we do in our life affects our lifespan. However I do believe that we’ll never know how long we’ll live this life because death is something unexpected. We have to be ready all the time because who knows we could be dead by tomorrow. Having a disease is also not a sign for us to give up living this life because we never know; sometimes those with severe illness might live longer than those who are very healthy. Still I just want to share these facts that I’ve read:

You’ll live 5 years longer if you:
• Eat Chocolate
• Become vegetarian

You’ll live 15 years longer if you:
• Control your cholesterol
• Eat fewer calories
• Build muscle

You’ll live 10 years longer if you:
• Eat a banana a day
• Take up dancing
• Looks after your looks

You’ll live 3 years longer if you:
• Wash your hands
• Aim to excel
• Drink tea
• Play cards

You could shorten your life by a year if you:
• Are 10 pounds overweight
• Don’t have a pet
• Hang out with smokers
• Neglect your dental hygiene

You could shorten your life by 3 years if you:
• Stay single
• Have negative name
• Skip breakfast

You could shorten your life by 5 years if you:
• Love to sleep
• Are a smoker

You could shorten your life by 10 years if you:
• Are negative
• Are a loner
• Never get health checks
• Drink too much

I can totally munch chocolate everyday because I love chocolate and chocolate has high antioxidants too. Honestly I don’t think I could ever become a vegetarian as I love meats, chickens, and seafood so much. Sometimes I even think vegetarian missed a lot of wonderful things in this life for not eating chickens and seafood. Still it’s their own choices after all, so I do respect them. I do want to live longer but I don’t think I could build muscle or take up dancing. Haha. I also don’t like to eat banana so perhaps I’ll opt for another fruits. Too bad for me because I've already shorten my life since I don’t have a pet. I wanted to have one but I don’t think it’s a good idea at all. My parents don’t like the idea of having animals around in our house. Besides I have asthma so I’m a bit allergic to fur. I’m not a smoker and never will be but I do hang around with people who are smokers. As a matter of fact, my dad is a smoker and almost all of my guy friends are smokers too. Maybe I can skip that part. Haha. Oh I love to sleep when I don’t have anything to do. Sounds bad for a woman but I love it. Huhu. I’m thinking to get rid of this bad habit and now I’ve found a good reason to stimulate myself. =]

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TC said...

Oh yea...chocolate...I'm definitely a huge fan...nice post.

whibley said...

Yeah..same here..eating chocolate makes me feel good..=]